Stem cell therapy has become one of the most exciting and promising fields in biological science today. Advancements in stem cell therapy give us the ability to manage our wellness so we can live fuller and healthier lives with our loved ones.

Montreux Medical Center anti-aging stem cells therapy is highly effective in boosting overall health, extending active lifestyle, improving the capacity to work and preventing different age-related diseases.

Montreux Medical Center

Autologous stem cells

Montreux Medical Center uses adult stem cells derived from adipose tissue directly isolated from the patient (autologous stem cells). Collection from fat cells is also one of the richest sources of mesenchymal stem cells stimulating repair and regeneration.

Favored by a substantial motivation to reactivate and stimulate the natural stem cell reservoir, the effects of this process are sustained over the long term. Fat-derived stem cells are also immuno-privileged, which means they have a high resistance to immune response without risk of rejection and can tolerate antigens without causing inflammatory immune reactions.

Adipose tissue has the highest concentration of stem cells and can produce billions of cells with the potential to repair, restore, and immediately begin to rejuvenate your body. We also use the best processing and separation technology of Stem Cells to consistently deliver high cell viability in processed samples with the ability to concentrate cells multiple folds.



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A Health Profile will be created in combination with your health background, medical examination and laboratory analysis made prior at our facility.



The method focuses on a Stromal Vascular Fraction that is isolated from the fat cells with a minimally invasive liposuction under general anesthesia. This process yields larger numbers of stem cells and is less invasive than the collection from the bone narrow.



First microbiologically and serologically tested in the laboratory to ensure the purity of the sample, the cells are then separated and isolated from the adipose tissue. Utmost care is taken to make sure that stem cells do not get contaminated by any kind of infections. Post processing all samples will be tested for quality and quantity.



The last step is to introduce the activated stem cells by subcutaneous injection. Unlike traditional treatments with less than optimal possibilities, this revolutionary procedure brings together stem cells from their most abundant source and activates them to ensure their survival.



The remaining stem cells extracted will be preserved in the laboratory by cryo-preservation for the next ten years. They can be re-used on demand in several years in order to carry out a renewal.


The treatment will be done under the medical surveillance of the most outstanding healthcare specialists.


  • Stem Cells from your own body are used
  • No chemicals or drugs are needed
  • Increased metabolism
  • Rebalanced hormones
  • Better breathing and sleeping patterns
  • Energy levels restored
  • Heightened sexual drive
  • Increased metabolism
  • And more