Aging is the result of cumulative cellular damage that begins to occur from the moment of conception. As you reach physical and sexual maturity, the cumulative rate of damage increases in speed and intensity.

The longer you wait to attack your rate of aging the harder it is to get it under control and the harder it is to reverse its effects. To be effective, the body needs assistance that the cell extract can provide to help the body to regenerate and slow aging.

The therapy strengthen the self-healing capabilities as well as the mobilization and activation of cells. It also helps to significantly increase the concentration of repair cells in the body and help the regeneration of damaged cells.


Featuring advanced technology and the latest generation of instruments, Montreux Medical Center offers a suitable solution, secure and hundred percent natural.

The requirements and the care taken in the selection and realization of our products provide a safety, an increase potential for efficiency and also exclude any contamination by pathogenic or toxic agents.

The Activated Cellular Extract treatment is made by natural cells extract in addition of being hundred percent natural without any side-effects. This treatment is genuine and injections are not frozen or lyophilized.


Administered by subcutaneous injection method, the treatment is also customized to achieve its maximum effect in the body and provide quality results depending on the needs of each patient.

The injections are given subcutaneously since it facilitates the flow of blood to the adipose tissue where the injected solution is absorbed more slowly and more effectively through the body.


  • Cellular extracts are still little differentiated and are less antigenic, which means they are well tolerated by the human body.
  • In full biological vigor, the cellular extracts provide a beneficial stimulation that is felt throughout the body.
  • They act as a model for the production of new proteins and integrate their genome into the human genome.


The effects can be felt progressively several weeks after the treatment. They last during several years depending on the physical condition and age of the person.

The treatment aim to strengthen the body's natural defences. The produced effects shows, but are not limited to an improvement in vitality, an increase in activity, the stabilization of mental power and the enhancement of the general power of resistance.

Extracts further more support metabolism by regulating hormone imbalances, stimulating sexual functions, stimulating hormone production, and rejuvenate the body by acting in accordance with the patient's individual needs.