Montreux Medical Center


Founded in 1988, Montreux Medical Center develops and embodies years of experience in biotechnology to position itself as a Swiss leader in regenerative cellular medicine.

Located in the heart of the Swiss Riviera facing the beautiful Geneva Lake, the center offers, in addition to regenerative cellular medicine, aesthetic and cosmetic treatments, a wide range of integrative medical solutions along quality services in collaboration with the Independent Centre of Surgery (Clinic CIC).

Our Core Values


The expertise of our practitioners combined with the resources and knowledge we share enable us to provide superior care to our patients.

Our Core Values

Science and technology

We are dedicated to the advancement of medical knowledge through applied clinical research in order to continuously contribute to the evolution of our treatments.

Our Core Values

Quality and integrity

We are committed to regular self-assessment of our practice and continuous improvement of quality to ensure patient safety, the best results and optimal use of medical resources.

Our Core Values


We pay special attention on safety in order to exercise in an environment of excellence with the latest standards in force.

Montreux Medical Center

Our Philosophy

We are committed to provide leadership and excellence in delivering quality healthcare services while expanding the horizons of medical knowledge through biotechnology research.

Quality patient care is our priority and providing excellent clinical and service quality, offering compassionate care, supporting research and medical education are essential to our mission.

We aim to offer the best possible alternative to our patient and giving ongoing support throughout their treatment and also after. To complete this task, we strive to find the best possible combinations between the treatment and all the services around it before, during and after.

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